Faberge Collection

Faberge Collection

The celebrated series of 50 Imperial Easter eggs was created for the Russian Imperial family from 1885 to 1916 when the company was run by Peter Carl Faberge. They were the ultimate achievement of the renowned Russian jewelry house and must also be considered the last great commissions of objets d’art .

Manufactured in the highest quality ceramics and hand painted with 18k gold and precious stones, our fragrant egg-shaped Faberge candles will give every space an exclusive and luxurious atmosphere.

A collection of 4 eggs in total, each with a unique and original appearance but that together form a wonderful olfactory canvas. Do not miss out on this limited edition designed exclusively for you.

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Harlequin Egg Candle

Harlequin Egg Ceramic Candle - Special Edition Faberge Candle - 8 ozHandmade special edition candle ..

$89.00 $69.95

Pearl Scales Egg

Pearl Scales Egg - Special Edition Candle - 8 ozHandmade special edition candle with egg design Fabe..